It is a pure Merlot that owes its name to a small stream that flows near the property. When in 1994 Rita and Virgilio set aside two barrels of Merlot from production, they perhaps did not think they had created what would become an international cult wine.
From those vines planted in 1988, in the heart of the estate on a slight slope, an exceptional fruit was born. Their location, soil composition and microclimate in their combination had given birth to this unique wine.

First Italian wine to obtain Robert Parker's 100/100.


100% Merlot

First Vintage



18-20 months in first-passage French oak barrels; bottled in summer, it is left to rest in the bottle for several months before being released on the market.


I.G.T. Toscana Merlot


"Distinctly clayey with a medium-high presence of stones. In the higher vineyards, there are more stones, while in the lower ones, there is more silt. In the central area, where the Merlot vines are planted, there is more clay.


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