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From a small plot of land in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma to international excellence

Tua Rita was founded in 1984, in the heart of the Tuscan Metalliferous Hills, in Suvereto, by Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti.
Originally purchased as a small property with a few hectares of vineyards, the company has grown rapidly to its present size, producing approximately 220,000 bottles per year.
Tua Rita's philosophy is based on producing high-quality wines with a strong connection to the territory and meticulous attention to detail in every phase of production.


A chat with the people who have made Tua Rita's history.

Giovanni Frascolla, third generation, traces the stages that have made the company an icon in the world.
A journey through present, past, and future, exploring the memories, insights, and passion of the generations that have led Tua Rita to become the international company it is today.

The budding vine

The growing season


The harvest



When, in 1984, Rita and Virgilio decided to purchase what would become Tua Rita, those lands and buildings were meant to be merely the backdrop of a place to live close to nature, cultivating their own land. However, the irresistible drive of their passion for wine decidedly changed things.


From the original 2 hectares of vineyard, cultivated from the very beginning with utmost rigor and which placed Tua Rita among the early successful Italian experiences built on the "garage wine" model, in the span of about ten years, it grew to 9 hectares, then to 20 hectares by the beginning of the new millennium, and now stands at the current 60 hectares of vineyard. Una crescita che incrociava l’originaria e intatta passione di Rita e Virgilio con la consapevolezza sempre maggiore delle potenzialità di quella terra, posta tra il mare Tirreno e le colline Metallifere, che si chiama Val di Cornia.


And just as agronomic and cellar management could not progress without the commitment of Rita and Virgilio, the development of image and marketing could not advance without the work of Stefano Frascolla, husband of Simena, daughter of the owners. Simena herself became involved in the management of the company after Virgilio's passing in 2010. Il nome dell’azienda si deve ad una semplice inversione fra il nome e il cognome di Rita Tua.