PERLATO DEL BOSCO / I.G.T. Toscana Merlot

Perlato del Bosco is the result of a particularly encouraging vintage that delivered a regular maturation of our grapes in a timely manner. The winemaking process took place in a tino troncoconico di rovere (conical oak vats) for 6 months and then 10 months in barriques.
The vintage defines the typical characteristics of Sangiovese from the coast: fresh and classical notes of Macchia Mediterranea that make this wine special for its territoriality. The good acidicty makes this wine easy to drink young but also suitable for aging


100% Sangiovese

First vintage



50% in 20/hl wooden vats; 50% in 40-hl tapered oak vats


I.G.T. Toscana Sangiovese


mMarkedly clayey with a fairly significant pebble fraction. The higher plots are more pebbly, those lower down have more silt


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