Our labels promoted by Wine Lister’s studio, the Supertuscan rating agency, tops the charts, but the historical denominations are lagging behind.
By Aldo Fiordelli

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In the specifics of the individual labels, the top 25 list of Wine Lister in Tuscany sees three Bolgheri in the top three places. In the order Ornellaia precedes Sassicaia and Masseto. They are always in order: Tignanello, Soldera with Case Low (now Igt and no longer Brunello) and Solaia, while closing the top ten Perverts Torvers of Montevertine, Fontodi with Flaccianello della Pieve, Biondi Santi with the reserve of Brunello di Montalcino Guado al Tasso. The following are always in order: Cepparello, Sammarco, Biondi Santi (base), Messorio, New Estate of Casanova di Neri, Poggio di Sotto, Valdicava, Vineyard of Alceo, Percarlo, Classical Chianti Vigna del Sorbo, Of Ama, Redigaffi by Tua Rita, the Valdicava base, Fuligni and Oreno. To find a Docg, you have to get to the ninth place, to find a classic Chianti in the twentieth. Panzano dominates the continental Tuscany thanks to Di Napoli Rampolla (Sammarco and Alceo) and the wines of Giovanni Manetti (Fontodi). However, it is noted in the study, between Ornellaia and Oreno by Tenuta Setteponti, that is, first and last, there are 133 ranking points of difference, while in the top 25 of Bordeaux there are only 63. There are, therefore, broad margins of growth under the top brand brands. In the ranking disaggregated for quality emerge: Soldera, Pergole Torte, Percarlo, Alceo, Fuligni, while to close the top 20 we find Lupicaia, brunello Biondi Santi, Sassicaia, Tignanello and Avignonesi Capannelle 50 & 50. The “buzz brand”, wines with strong growth, high popularity, considered prestigious or trendy, are also to be mentioned, with the Giusto di Notri by Tua Rita as first Supertuscan, Messorio delle Macchiole between the Bolgheri and Blond Saints of the denominations. «The full picture convinces us – concludes Ella Lister – that Tuscany has a rosy future ahead. The big wine market is confident of a huge growth in the coming years, despite its major producers being considered among the best in the world».
27 marzo 2017 | 09:08